Cabin- & IFE-Solutions

Digitization of the aircraft cabin

Digitization is rapidly increasing in the aviation industry, not only in the cockpit but also in the cabin. The majority of travelers, approximately 90%, carry mobile devices on board and expect to be able to use them. Airlines often lack the necessary expertise to design a satisfying digital user experience, both in access and content. At LXM Aero, we recognize the challenges in designing in-flight offerings and provide unique solutions for generating on-board profits while improving the digital user experience for passengers.

Digital retail

We aim to provide relevant content during flights to enhance passenger experience while also using it as a means of advertising and retail solutions. Our expertise in digital retail ensures everyone involved benefits. As pioneers in IFEC retail, we have developed various models, such as real-time retail with domain whitelisting. We ensure proper processing of advertiser content to ensure their campaigns perform well, leading to rebooking of our ad channel.

Our differentiators & USPs:

LXM Group offers a complete IFE platform commercialization solution, including inventory management and take-up rate optimization. Our tech-neutral approach promotes rapid growth and scalability, and we understand passengers‘ and users‘ requirements for measurable IFEC benefits. Our proven track record of successful ad campaigns has led to IFEC-based retail solutions for further growth.

Cabin modifications and parts

LXM AERO carries out cabin modifications with a focus on IFE solutions. We work with all wireless IFE providers such as Inflight Dublin, AirFi, Bluebox, etc.)

One of our focus solutions are wireless IFE server restraining kits to store IFE server units in aircraft overhead bins and also separate the servers from passenger luggage so that not the entire available overhead bin space is consumed by the hardware. Those kits consist of different elements, according to the customer’s requirements. Baseplate, Strap Kit, Overhead Bin Divider Assy).

LXM AERO has experience of multiple hundreds of aircraft equipped with these IFE server kit solutions, on narrowbody aircraft and also on widebody aircraft. With the range of solutions, we are catering for short term operations like equipping wet lease aircraft enabling a cabin service offering that matches the one of the lessee airline but also for long term operations with durable, permanent installations.

All projects contain the modification and updating of all relevant cabin placards and markings (e.g. modified stowage limit).

We also provide cabin items such as Head Rest Covers, Safety cards, EEL cards etc. – all highly customized and with the relevant documentation.

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